Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vent d'Automne - Everything Is Fading Away 85%

Vent d'Automne - Everything Is Fading Away

Well here we are again with another review this time from a Experimental Black Metal band from India so lets get down to business...

Track 1 - Escaping the Crowd
Its a droney track which pretty much starts off with that feeling most of you have felt one time or another which is anxiety. The whole song kind of drones on from there which isn't really a bad thing it keeps your focus on like if your were in big crowds and adds a little panic.

Track 2 - Big City Depression
The intro of this track really had me going honestly it did. It was so filed with emotion I kind of wished it just carried on like that for the rest of the song haha... But I can't really complain the rest of the song works almost around that riff to keep it still in your head and it was a job well done!
As soon as the song hit more or less the two minute mark it changed again back to a clean intro before heading back into its metal form once again.
I am slightly disappointed this song isn't longer to be honest as it could have easily been a 10+ track but oh well its the artists decision isn't it?

Track 3 - I Dream of Flying Away
That chanting kind of thing got me of guard I was not expecting that it was very well done and fit amazingly well with the synth... There was one big issue in this song sadly the mix of the guitars and drums were extremely low other than that from what i could hear its a pretty good song.

Track 4 - Beautiful Urban Panic
A sweet instrumental piece to summarise the whole EP which was done masterfully well all in all this release was quite good and I will be listening to these songs every now and again. Although once again I will say the mixing here was a little off.

Side notes:
This project seems like alot of hard work has been put into it and I applaud the musicians.
All that really needs work is the mixing and mastering but all in all very well done!

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