Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Born An Abomination announce new demo!

Born An Abomination has announced a new demo!
"Winter Depression" is a 3 track demo which will hopefully be released very soon as this fresh new bad have yet to disappoint.

Vocalist Tony personally sent me this message relating to the demo:

"Well, the Demo has a conceptual theme just as most of our releases do, it's three songs well technically two because I'm pretty sure the first track of wind blowing wouldn't be considered a song.About the track the first track "Cold Winter Wind" the intro to the demo it should give you a chill feel of the cold lonesome winter depression that is the embodiement of the demoThe second track "Melankoliska vinter" is a atmospheric Post - black metal soundingish track that's very atmospheric and has a melancholy feeling to it that'll defiantly set the mood for pure cold, sad and ambient emotions to fill you up and take you on a ride, the third track "Winter Depression" is the Defining song on the Winter Depression Demo" it's a cold melancholic sounding song basically based on the struggles in emotions during this cold festive time of the year, the idea in the song is the sad aspects and hurtful idea of this harsh time of the year the fact this time of the year has more suicide rates the fact even though around this "Merry Time" of joyous family gatherings and jinglebell cheer, this is one of the saddest most lonesome and depressing time of the year and the most empty and contemplative. And that's what this demo is all about we'll be releasing it on Rigorism Production so whoever reads this and is interested can pick up from Rigorism productions website, But that's basically the whole entire idea of the demo Cold, Sad, Hateful and depressing winter. "
As soon as more information is available I will be sure to post on this blog ASAP.

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