Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Svartblod (Artist) Interview


Svartblod is a musician from India who is quickly gaining recognition in the Black Metal world as the man of many projects. He is in a big number of projects mainly as vocalist or guitarist. Below we have interviewed him to get more info out of him and his music.

BMM: Could you introduce yourself?

Svartblod:  I'm Souvik Das (Svartblod), I live in a city called Kalyan which is part of Mumbai's suburbs. I'm a musician and vocalist in several bands, mostly black metal and I am also a artist and photographer.

BMM: Ok, as long as I've known you, you have seem to have taken part in quite a few bands tell me what draws you to make so many?

Svartblod: Well I love genres and sub-genres and thats why I don't want to be trapped in a single genre. All of my projects are of different genres.

BMM: It must be hard to keep so inspired though?

Svartblod: Yeah well it is actually.

BMM: Well nobody said making music would be easy didn't they? Anyways tell who ever the fuck who actually reads this blog about your on going Black Metal projects I'm sure people on here would rather hear about that rather than us just mindlessly talking about other stuff.

Svartblod: Your probably right haha.... And I hope people will like my music.

BMM: Well give us some info then. What Black metal bands are you currently in and what do you do in them?

Svartblod:  I'm in Vent D'automne, De L'enfer, Krayl, Mistet Fjell, The End, Spirit in Eternal Pain, Lobotomical Abstract Torture, Cassiopeia and Valtiel.
I just do vocals and guitars in Vent D'automne and De L'enfer, and do everything else in the rest of the bands.

BMM: Well that must keep you busy... I'm guessing none of the projects are live bands?

Svartblod: No, none of them are live bands. First of all the projects are one man bands except Vent D'automne and De L'enfer which are two man bands, my friend Lysetdod does guitars and secondly I don't want to play live with session members because here in my country people don't understand black metal, they mostly care about "core" genres.The crowd here think black metal is the music of freaks. Very, very few people care about black metal here and this is really sad. Black metal is a very complex and amazing genre and it needs to be supported a lot, only then something new can evolve or a new sub-genre can be born... There are so many possibilities right?

BMM: Indeed thought I am getting tired of going on youtube and seeing more videos being posted of new subgenres... Space black metal, Blackened rock, etc it's just to much for me haha.
Well we don't seem to have much time left sadly you know people to stab, churches to burn and all that shit... So why don't you tell our readers if you have anything new coming up? Releases? Music Videos? Etc?

Svartblod: Ok well, Lobotomical Abstract Torture's second demo will be released in a few days on "Tridriod Records" on tape, its already up for pre-order now, and The End's debut EP will be released soon on Rotten Crowz Productions as well as a split with Days of Our Lives (It's a depressive black metal band from Gibraltar) will be released this month on Parkbench records.
Krayl's split with Defiled Magesties on Tridriod too.
Some splits of various bands will be released soon, I am searching for various labels to release them.
Currently I am also working on another project called Lambent Glow... Me and my bandmate Sonam just started working on this.

BMM: Well that is keeping busy haha! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before we finish?

Svartblod: Well, just do what you want... Don't do things according to other peoples wishes. do whatever you want and forget everything else.
And thanks alot for this interview.

BMM: Thank you and goodbye.

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