In Memoriam

*This page is dedicated to all those fallen Black Metallers from the beginning till recent events*

David Parland - Blackmoon

1970 - 2013
Multi-instrumentalist + Vocalist.
Played in well known bands such as Dark Funeral (Sweden), Necrophobic (Sweden), War (Sweden), Infernal (Sweden) and Blackmoon (Sweden - Formally known as Blackmoon's Darkwinds).

Jonas Bergqvist - Nattdal

Info coming soon

Øystein Aarseth - Euronymous

1968 - 1993

Considered the "God-Father" of Black Metal and the founder of Deathlike Silence (Record Label - Which released a few very well known Black Metal releases).
He was also very well known as the guitarist of "Mayhem" (Norway) to which he also preformed vocals for a very brief time.
Also a member of bands "Checker Patrol" (Guitars) and L.E.G.O (Unknown).
Death - Murdered

Per Yngve Ohlin - Dead

1969 - 1991
Best known for his works as the vocalist for "Mayhem" (Norway) and "Morbid" (Sweden).
Death - Suicide

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