Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Black Metal Elitists VS The youth

So this has been an on going "war" for ages...

Normally I like to rant about random shit BUT I just have to for this....

In what world do these "elites" think that keeping people away from the genre is a good idea? I people stay away from the genre then won't it just die out? Too many times have I seen stupid comments like;

"Keep the black metal babies away"

"Fucking kids forming bands"

Etc, etc

First of I want to clarify that I AM defending these so called "kids" purely because of fucking common sense. Without new blood the genre will die out and then the genre we all love so much will be pretty much a shadow of its former self. I would like to remind you idiots that Black Metal was pretty much started be young bloods and will carry on being shaped by people in their teens and early 20's.

I found Black Metal at the young age of 12 and I have never looked back. I play in various bands and try to be part of the growing scene... I guess I am a Black Metal baby also.

People seem to forget that the bands they follow (Be it Gorgoroth, Mayhem, etc etc) were young once and we NEED young blood more than we need these "elites".