Monday, 16 December 2013

Want me to review your stuff?

I am sick and tired of you people getting to my personal e-mail... How the fuck you are doing it is beyond me...
Want a review then post a comment or something not e-mail my personal e-mail or find my personal facebook account...
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Friday, 29 November 2013

Guess who's back?

Due to some personal issues I have not been posting at all really but I am glad to say that I have returned!
There will be a few minor changes to the blog which are:

1. All posts will be done at a certain time of the week... Friday to be exact and posts shall start from the 6th of November.
2. Want me to review your stuff or for a interview? Contact me on FB I barely go on my e-mails as I have multiple accounts and this is the best way to contact me.
3.Some pages will be re-worked soon but do not expect much of a change there.

As per usual thanks for supporting this blog and sorry for the lack of posting!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Black Metal Elitists VS The youth

So this has been an on going "war" for ages...

Normally I like to rant about random shit BUT I just have to for this....

In what world do these "elites" think that keeping people away from the genre is a good idea? I people stay away from the genre then won't it just die out? Too many times have I seen stupid comments like;

"Keep the black metal babies away"

"Fucking kids forming bands"

Etc, etc

First of I want to clarify that I AM defending these so called "kids" purely because of fucking common sense. Without new blood the genre will die out and then the genre we all love so much will be pretty much a shadow of its former self. I would like to remind you idiots that Black Metal was pretty much started be young bloods and will carry on being shaped by people in their teens and early 20's.

I found Black Metal at the young age of 12 and I have never looked back. I play in various bands and try to be part of the growing scene... I guess I am a Black Metal baby also.

People seem to forget that the bands they follow (Be it Gorgoroth, Mayhem, etc etc) were young once and we NEED young blood more than we need these "elites".

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dry - Beneath the Stars - 90%

Dramatic synths start this song off which make its sound like something out of the Star Wars soundtrack. Not long into the intro the metal part bursts in. The track is very tight and very impressive! With an influence firmly placed on the second wave this band shows that Black Metal still has some gems hidden around the world. Due to this release being a single I can't really say much expect that I can't wait to hear more!

Silence The Earth - As Thy Winter Ends - 90%

Orchestral Black Metal? Yup!
Where this band lacks in Metal music it more than makes up for with its interesting Classical songs. This may be an acquired taste for most Black Metal fans but I fucking love it. It surely isn't you usual release. This band has made such an interesting release and though i wish it had a few more tracks to it this six track album will not disappoint!

Godocide - Die letzten Tage Asgards - 85%

If you looking for both Black Metal and Ambient songs this is the release to go. German solo project Godocide belt out its second release in the form of a EP. Starting out with its first track which is a long ambient track which gives you the feeling as if you were standing on top of a hill just watching the world go by, to the just the raw feel of the metal tracks which show off a type of aggression usual seen on the older early Black Metal bands.

Interesting points:
Track 2 - Really has a Burzum feel to it. You really need to check out this track.

Track 3 - The songs soft piano intro makes it seem that this song is quite calm but when the metal kicks in its like a whole different world as has appeared.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Orodreth (Artist) Interview

Black Metal Madness recently caught up with Bergelmir mastermind Orodreth to ask him about his projects, life and general music shit.

BMM: Could you introduce yourself?

Orodreth: I am Orodreth, founder and solo artist in DSBM project bergelmir.

BMM: Bergelmir seems to work within the boundaries of various sub-genres within Black Metal, could you explain why?

Orodreth: My style is always changing depending on my moods, atmosphere is very important to me and mixing those sounds together make for good atmosphere. Also my goal is to target as many people as possible, and to influence as many people as possible. Other times it just comes out like that depending on what style of black metal I have been listening to and been most influenced by recently. But of course my style and main influence is taken from Depressive Suicidal Black Metal.

BMM: So you intend for your project to be one without limits musically?

Orodreth: Most of those who limit themselves lack the ability to grow to their full potential.

BMM: A black metal band that wishes to grow that is refreshing haha. So is Bergelmir your only project? If not then what are the others?

Orodreth: The other projects I am involved with are many, but going slow. One is simply titled Orodreth, and it is ritualistic music mixed with the sounds of black metal vocals and Satanic folk chanting so to speak. I am working with a good friend from Sweden doing vocals for his project "Meningslöst".
I plan on doing vocals for a couple of other artists aswell, it has been discussed with them but I do not want to talk about it just yet.

BMM: Fair enough, lets talk about your main project then Bergelmir. Are there any upcoming releases or anything being planned?

Orodreth: I am putting together my first song of my upcoming EP called "Tested by Isolation", it will be releases early on the No remorse Records (Gibraltar) compilation CD Vol 2.
I will probably release one more song from it for promotional reasons for the actual release of the full EP. As for a time frame for when the full EP will be finished there is no date, but I would say within the next four months.

BMM: Should we expect any surprises from this upcoming release?

Orodreth: I will be recording with different equipment hopefully. Still going to be raw, but just recorded with an amp that isn't completely busted like the one I am using now. Just incase anyone was wondering , I record with a five dollar karaoke microphone plugged directly into my computer and taped infront of a 10 watt practice amp that all the knobs don't work and the distortion is broken on it. I also record vocals on that same mic. So if everything goes as planned I will have a new mic and a basic recording interface and amp by the time I start really putting together the EP.

BMM: Right then before we go what are your views on the current state of the Black Metal scene?

Orodreth: It pisses me off on a daily basis. Its disgusting, and I hate it, so many people in it for the wrong reason just like with any music scene, people have these distorted ideas of what black metal is and judge music by recording quality. I will listen to black metal played on an acoustic guitar and recorded on a phone. Overall these musicians and labels are fucking selfish and I hate everyone, this is why i try to encourage self-destruction and despair with my music.

BMM: Any last words for our fans and readers?

Orodreth: Jesus said this, Moses said that, Abraham hit me with a wiffle ball bat.

Bergelmir - Self titled demo - 87%

-To my knowledge this is the first release by this one man US DSBM project.-

This 3 track demo fits the bill on what people may call "cult". Its raw, distorted and the quality is not the best. This doesn't mean any of those qualities are bad, it fits the scene that this band comes from. Who really wants to hear an over-produced Black Metal band anyways? There would be no actual heart in it at all.

The great thing about this release is that all 3 songs are quite different in terms of style within the Black metal genre.

Track 1 - We start off with "Niflheim" which sets the mood on with some sad keyboards and keeps to the style referred to as Ambient Black Metal. The song itself has quite a few changes and is probably one of the only Black Metal songs with the most stylistic changes. Landing inbetween the lines of Raw, Ambient, DSBM while still keeping the overall feel of the song.

Track 2 - "Infernal Solitude" We welcome the cold clean guitars into this picture! This track proves that Black Metal doesn't need to be 100% distorted guitars all the time. A cold atmosphere is provided throughout the whole song with some pretty interesting melodies that pair nicely with the drums and distant vocals.

Track 3 - "Isolation" Another track with quite a few changes which is a nice change to normal DSBM bands who play a whole riff over and over and over and over (See what I did there?) Pretty good song overall except for the low volume but nevertheless brilliant.

My thoughts:
My only issue with the demo at all is the third track due to its low volume.
Can't wait to hear more from this band!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kall (Ex-Lifelover) post a new song from upcoming release

A while has happened since the tragic death of B. and the disbanding of Lifelover, but those die hard fans kept strong hoping the band would reform. The news as you already know is that the Ex members formed a new band named "Kall" and finally after much waiting we can now hear a track from their upcoming release.

Not going to bore you with details just going to say it kicks fucking ass here it will be linked below:

Friday, 26 April 2013

Rob Zombie insults Black Metal? Or is he just that useless?

I honestly don't know what to say... Rob Zombie and some "John 5" bloke worked on a BM song for some stupid film he did or something like that. Can someone tell this fucktard that he should keep to making shitty music and retarded pointless films?

Go fuck off somewhere else mate and take your instrumentalists with you!

*A note to all you retards*

I am not being a "elitist"... I am a Black Metal fan and its retards like this who NOTHING about this amazing genre which gives people like us bad names!

Mr Zombie if you wish to do some Black Metal learn about the genre first!

P.S - Your vocals suck

P.P.S Be this a joke or not, why not work on that festering pile of shit you normally do (oh I mean your music or anything else you touch)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Varg shows off new Burzum artwork!

As stated in the title this is the new Burzum artwork for the soon to be released album!

Bands and their recordings

Lately I have been seeing posts all over the internet claiming that just because the "old school" bands (Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, etc) have better a better recording quality that now the underground BM bands should do so also.

How does that make sense?

Most BM bands start off with little to no budget... As did the bands of the First and Second wave. BM bands do not make as much money as they think they do and if your into to the band because the quality of sound is good then your not a real fan then are you?

Some bands over the years do choose to keep to the lo-fi recording quality because it is simply part of their "sound" and once again if those keeps you from liking that band then what the fuck are you doing listening to them?

Monday, 25 March 2013

R.I.P Blackmoon

<br />Blackmoon

Ex Dark Funeral (Swe) co-founder and guitarist passed away on the 19th of March 2013.

Blackmoon had done alot for the metal scene and the Black Metal scene in particular. This has been another great loss. May he found peace wherever the afterlife takes him!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Rumours 1 - Carpathian Forest recording new album?

*This new segment is just as the title says rumours... Which may or may not be true*

Lately I've been visiting some metal clubs and I've been hearing people talk about a new CF album being in the works. Now, I really don't submit to rumours being fact so easily but apparently the source of all this information is the CF bassist "Vrangsinn". If that is the case (seeing as he is quite open on FB with fans and so on), then maybe there is hope that we'll finally get some new material!

Should I hear anything else about this I shall post here ASAP!

Cya fuckers!

Ex Lifelover members reform as Kall!

This is something that many a BM fan has been waiting for... Lifelover has pretty much reformed under a new name, "Kall".

Now not much information is out in the open right now other than just a facebook page and a announcement:

This is the home of Kall. We are what has arisen from the ashes of Lifelover. Currently rehearsing and preparing to record in April. More info to come!

 Hopefully they will keep to a similar style as they played in Lifelover but I guess we shall know when some music will get leaked or released.

More info to come if any arises!
(Kall FB page)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Name and Shame - 1

Here is a new segment of my wonderful blog - NAME AND SHAME!

So here you go some smart stealing of a Watain song as normally DSBM bands hide in the shadows this retarded fuck thought he would be safe from my wrath!

Knowing how you "Black Metal fans" love to harass people for now reason I've given you something to harass for a reason so go at it you dirty bastards!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

What weirdo has stumbled onto my blog?

I've not posted much in the past few weeks I know I've been busy deal with it... Recently something caught my eye as I was preparing some new posts. I checked out the stats on my blog and something was just there that i couldn't understand.

See for yourself

Now sadly you may have to download the picture as I am fucking useless on paint but for all of you guys that aren't bothered pretty much someone found the blog after searching for "Hot Black granny Ass" on the internet... I don't know whether to be offended or amused by this really haha.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Aryan Terrorism - Crush The Lies

<br />Aryan Terrorism

Most of you may or may know about this fucking hilarious project which calls itself Black Metal. It features members of the horribly stupid band "Nokturnal Mortum"... yes yes the racists from Ukraine who hate everyone except for their granny's fannys ;)

Now normally I review whole albums and I don;t tend to rant about them like I am about this ONE song, but I'm not arsed to give this band or its projects just publicity haha. I simply want you to fucking check out this song in general.

The lyrics are: (Got them out of Metallum)

Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the fucking lies

The time has come terminate the unnecessary branches.
Betrayers must die. 
Jewish bloodsuckers try to kill our BLACK METAL FIGHT
by selling it like a theatre. 
Today they receive our weapons, 
the clowns which surround us.

Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the lies 
Crush the fucking lies

Dimmu Borgir are fucking clowns, gays, venal bitches.
They all sell their asses for a gram of heroin.
Explode the bomb on their gig?

Clowns of cradle of shit are perverts
trading in their defects,
singing with castrated voices of their teenager’s problems.
This is a pornographic clownade burn them fucking alive?

Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the fucking lies

The mother fucking Kovenant is beyond any hatred.
That homosexual bastard Nagash,
We should cut through his ass with a chainsaw.

what a painted mug?
these are the businessmen from Marduk.
panzer division Marduk?
Huh! Motherfuckers division Marduk!

Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the fucking lies

Ihsahn – bald-headed freak from “mystic” Emperor.
Where were all your mystics sold out?
or has it been exchanged for Israel’s citizenship,
were the money all you want?

After them all goes Nergal from Behemoth with a big fucking penis-horn on his forehead,so…he may put it into his asshole, it’s right place…

Death to posers! Continue to fight them! Crush the lies!
Don’t let them fool you.


Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the lies
Crush the fucking...


Just these lyrics alone prove the mentality of these fucking MORONS! I honestly can't stop laughing... I know you should use music to express yourself and all that shit but come on! These idiots should have stayed sucking on their mother's (or sisters) tits and just stayed away from music fucking hell haha.

They honestly have no idea what they are talking about and deserve to be put out of their misery.

Oh well this isn't the first or last band of "Black Metal" wannabes / idiots and it won;t be the last!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Inpitch - Disillusion - 67%

Inpitch is a one man depressive black metal band. The man behind this band sent me "Disillusion" to review and that's exactly what I am going to do!

Track 1 - Viewing Life in Grayscale
I will be honest at first I was put off from the first few seconds... not because of the music but because the mixing is not really done that well. Guitars were wayyyy to high and drums were too low in the mix.
The riffs are actually quite nice. They provide a good atmosphere but sadly its the mixing that pushes me away slightly.

Track 2 - Sorrow...
This track was alot better in the mix. The guitars were played nicely with some nice riffs and the vocals came in at just the right time, but once again the drums were so low in the mix that this time they were barely there.

Track 3 - Disillusion
The most professionally done track up to now (I hear each song like 3 or 4 times before writing about it). Its a dark depressing song which later his your usual black metal traits around near mid to end of the song.

Track 4 - Suicide Makes Family And Friends Feels Like Their Murderes Private
Ok this track I was not expecting. A viciously angry song that was no holds bared! This is where the demo got really fucking interesting! It was like a mixture of sadness and rage in an epic scale!

Track 5 - Echo of Forthcoming Pain (Bonus Track)
A instrumental to finish things off as a bonus. Not bad honestly I swear I've heard this before in the darkest pits of youtube. All in all is made a nice closer to this demo.

Side point:
Really all that needs work is actually the mixing other than that I have no complaints.

Lobotomical Abstract Torture - End of the Excruciating Misery - 80%

End of the Excruciating Misery cover art

Now noise black metal isn't really something I'm really into, or really I have not actually gone into that genre that much so I was caught of guard when I actually enjoyed listening to a "noise" release.

What I get from a release like this is that its almost like a Depressive Black Metal release in a way. The synths give out a dark, depressing atmosphere and act like a main instrument throughout the whole four track demo, while the other instruments are lower in the mix (probably to give the synths a stronger presence).

If mixed correctly this four track demo could have been a nice 12 min or so song for an album so its clear this artist works to make his music flow from song to song.

Watain begins recording of new album!

Watain have released the following statement on their official facebook:

Since the harvest, Watain have been occupied with preparations for a long and hard journey. Seeds have been sown, blades have been sharpened and new fires have been lit to illuminate the untrodden tunnels that lay before us as we descend further down the maze…
And so it was that on the 3rd of January, 3 years on the day since the recording of Lawless Darkness did commence, Watain returned to Necromorbus Studio and begun working on what is to become the 5th fullength album.
And so it was that on the 3rd of January, 3 years on the day since the recording of Lawless Darkness did commence, Watain returned to Necromorbus Studio and begun working on what is to become the 5th fullength album.

Now with myself being a quite big Watain fan I can't wait for this! I'll give you more news when I have any!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Annorkoth goes on hiatus!

Not long after releasing such a work of art like "The Last Days" a statement was put on the bands official facebook page:

Since this day, 17th of January, Annorkoth is officialy "on-hold". If you want something to order - go here If you wish to download something for free - here's a mediafire folder
Thank you for all the support, everyone. I'm very happy to see some of the positive feedback on The Last Days. :) Maybe someday I will manage to make something new here.

Well we all know what that means... Annorkoth is on its last life force and most likely we will never see another release under that name again... I could be wrong though! So you fans better watch out just incase I am wrong.

Get your logo!

Are you in a band and need a logo?
Tired of getting random ass fonts online that don't fit the style of your music?

I'd suggest asking Svartblod!

In his photo section there are many logos he has done for bands. He works extremely fast and does amazing work.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Darkthrone track leaked!

So yeah a Darkthrone song from the new album has been leaked... It seems Darkthrone is a power metal band now.

What can I say? The black metal giants that influenced hundreds, if not thousands of bands have changed their style once again.
It's a decent track but sadly I don't know if I'll buy the album.

Oh well I won't say anything against the musicians as they have the right to change what ever they like.

My Failure - Абстракции (Акустический Альбом) - 90%

Now every-now and again I'll review ambient releases and its not to get more views on the blog its purely because I enjoy the music and... well ambient music goes well with Black Metal so yeah don't like it? Tough tits!

I won't bother reviewing this track by track as it works amazingly well as whole so why point out stuff that doesn't need to be pointed out?

I'm really glad this the artist asked me to review his release. This was an interesting 21:27 mins worth of ambient music which flows to and from each track with ease. Clearly this was thought out quite well considering there is a mixture of emotion behind the music (or as far as I feel).

After hearing this release maybe 3 or 4 times I'm still baffled about the amount of emotion behind this small release. You get the feeling of sadness, despair, hopelessness but at some points some happiness peaks through almost like it if were telling a story.

This is a great release and I'd urge anyone who is into ambient music to take a listen!

Mayhem recording new album?!

It would seem Norwegian Black Metallers MAYHEM are record a new album!

This picture is taken from their official Facebook page with a caption reading:

Trophy Grill Budapest. After a great day in the studio, dining and relaxing before session # 2 :)
Well the picture only shows them at dinner or something, but it does show Attila rocking a Hitler stache...

This album may cause some mixed feelings within the black metal world, seeing as... well... We've all been on Mayhem videos on youtube at one time or another...

Long-time fans attack the new ones, Dead fans boys say the band ending when he did, same for Euronymous fans say it ended with him and so on and so on.

Marking this its first release since its re-mastered version of songs in "Life Eternal - 2009) and a few good years since some original material (Ordo ad Chao - 2007) was released, it may be just about time some new stuff will be released.

Sadly no other information is out yet (As far as I see), but as soon as I have more I shall keep you guys updated!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Our newest feature!

Ok so we have a new page called "The Top and Worst of..." and its pretty much what it says...
I'll point out my top and worst of 2012, 1990, etc, as well as posting stuff like "The Most Essential Black Metal Albums of all Time" and so on.

Also I'd like to remind the idiots on the internet that my posts are my views so don't start commenting "oh what about this album duhhhhh".

Don't like the posts?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cradle of Filth’s Paul Allender giving online guitar lessons!

In the metal world Cradle of Filth is surely marmite, you either love them or hate them... and even though Cradle of Filth have long left the black metal world I figure why not post stuff that may interest us all?

It seems guitarist Paul Allender is giving out lessons via skype!

Now your probably wondering... "But Black Metal Madness, what does this have to do with Black Metal?".
My answer my dear readers is "nothing at all", but seeing how alot of the guitarists that pop out nowadays desperately need to LEARN HOW TO PLAY he might be able to teach you guys. Rather than taking lessons from your local shops or something you're better off learning from a established Metal guitarist,

I have no idea what his rates are and so on but why not send him a message on FB or something and find out?

Friday, 11 January 2013

Grishjärta (Pigs heart)

Who here remembers Silencer? The band that was hailed as the most depressive in the whole DSBM. The band who with just a one track demo and a full length caused so much controversy with rumours and speculation just from the sound of the singers voice.

I do... They were and still are one of my favourite bands and I actually warm up before I record my own stuff by practising Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels.

Well it seems the madman behind the vocals is back, but this time not with a Black Metal project but a book... see for yourself

Grishjärta Promo

Dark Blasphemer first release for free download!

Argentinian Black Metal band Dark Blasphemer have released their first demo / album "Drowning In Depression" which can be downloaded for free!

If you want it then find the link on their facebook page

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thought MMXI - 75%

Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thoughts MMXI

This release is a re-master and re-releases of their debut 2004 release (Which was just called "Suicidal Thoughts"). So between 2004 when it was first released and 2011 wehn it was re-mastered Nocturnal Depression have been few quite alot. They have released such ground breaking songs like Nostalgia, which has gained the band quite abit of fame online.
So lets get down to it then?

I've also noticed that most of the songs save for the last one which is longer are a little shorter than the originals. Well its the bands songs so i can't really complain can't I? They have their own musical right and if they felt the songs needed to be changed then ok then.

Track 1 - A Ghostly Face into the Night
A slow droney instrumental song plays while the sound of wind and thunder drone on in the background... Really its nothing to special but its something.

Track 2 - When Darkness Cover My Soul
This keeps to the typical sound you love from this band. The riffs are very minimalistic as usual but provide a very good sad atmosphere. Really you can't expect any less of Nocturnal Depression.

Track 3 - As Some Blades Penetrating My Flesh
Its very enjoyable to hear how a depressive black metal band can use a clean guitar so well considering how many who try to mix the clean guitar with the rest of the metal songs just fail so horribly, But as Nocturnal Depression have proven time and time again... They have mastered it.

Track 4 - ...and the Forest Answer to My Call
Another instrumental song to close off the release... Now it's not my favourite as I find it  little boring but hey I am just one reviewer.

Why not like us on Facebook?

We have a facebook page which we also post up the posts there so instead of checking the site everyday you can get your info direct from facebook!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Throne Fest 2013!

So I got invited to a event over facebook...
Turns out if it was Throne Fest!

Now sadly I don't think I will be able to attend as I plan to be gigging with my Solo Project by then (You didn't have to know that but why shouldn't I leave some mystery that I am in projects?).

So if you guys are free who not pop down to Throne Fest there are amazing bands that I bet you would not want to miss!


- MARDUK (SWE) Exclusive show - The band will be performing the whole Panzer Division Marduk album as well as playing an additional whole set list with other classics!
- BELPHEGOR (AUS)(20th Anniversary special show + new album in March 2013)

Date: May 11th 2013 in the Kubox @ Kuurne, West-Flanders, Belgium.
Get your tickets now while they are only €28
(limited capacity)
Order them via:
Above is pretty much all the information I could get from the event, which pretty much covers everything really... Now isn't that and amazing line up? Why are you still on the blog? Fuck off and buy a ticket!

Nocturnal Poisoning are preparing to release second album!

(I know this was only a temp logo from the band but oh well it will do)

Now your probably saying:
"Oh Black Metal Madness why post about an acoustic project? It has nothing to do with Black Metal"


This project is run by none other than Scott Conner the man behind Xasthur and even thought this is an acoustic project ad he has stated multiple times he will not return to Black Metal, I still think the man behind Xasthur and who helped flesh out Depressive and Ambient Black Metal so well deserves some sort of promotion right?

Below is a direct quote from New Years day:

Happy New Year to all of you...brace yourselves for 2013.Hope to have a second NP cd out by middle of the year. I'll get into some thoughts and details on that a little later.
Although this is an acoustic project Scott (A.k.a Malefic) has done alot for the Black Metal world and deserves our respect.

Infernus fires Pest from Gorgoroth!

Now as many fans may or may not know Pest got fired during around December of 2012 but I will be posting the direct quote here from the Gorgoroth site as many people sadly do not keep up with the bands they supposedly support.

Out of respect for and loyalty to Gorgoroth's audience and collaborators, Infernus has kicked Pest out of the band, effective immediately. This after Pest informed the band that he would not be prioritizing doing the upcoming Latin American tour after all, just two weeks before the band was set to depart for Brazil. Infernus has decided that the tour will go on as planned, though, and Hoest of Taake will replace Pest as vocalist on the tour starting on September 7, 2012. As for the next Gorgoroth studio album "Instinctus Bestialis", vocal duties will be handled by a Serbian Satanist known as Atterigner, of the band Triumfall (Forces of Satan Records).
Infernus must have had his reasons for this to which i will not understand. I saw Pest sing with them live in Sevilla (Spain) in 2011 and thought he was an amazing frontman but oh well hopefully this new singer can do the band justice!

Thy Light re-released first demo and are working on new songs!

Depressive Black Metallers "Thy Light" have remastered and re-released their first demo "Suici.De.Pression"! Now the interesting part about this is we are finally seeing a "sign of life" in this band and from reading comments from the bands on fan posts it seems they are also working on some new material... All I can say if FINALLY!

I'll have more information out as soon as its available.

Burning Bethlehem seek live Bass Player!

<br />Burning Bethlehem

Burning Bethlehem seek live Bass Player!

If your in the Minnesota area and would like to play Bass for Black Metallers "Burning Bethlehem" contact them ASAP!

Below I have put a direct link to their facebook!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Mardröm release Melancholie!

Mardröm - Melancholie

German Black / Doom band Mardröm are set to release their new album Melancholie today!

As soon as I get my hands on it I shall review it!

Burning Bethlehem ask you to name your price!

Burning Bethlehem - The Unholy Path to Hell

American Black Metallers "Burning Bethlehem" released their debut album during mid 2012 and heres the best part you can name your price!
The album is able to be bought on Bandcamp, where you can also listen to the tracks before you decide to buy.

Lifelover plan on re-releasing all releases on vinyl!

<br />Lifelover

After going around the facebooks pages I enjoy I ended up landing on the Lifelover page and it seems they had responded to a fan question about re-releasing Pulver as a vinyl and it seems someone from the band or a representative replied who mentioned that they plan on re-releasing all the releases on Vinyl.
This is very good news for collectors so all you Lifelover fans keep an eye out on their sites!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Taake celebrate 20 years!

Norwegian Black Metallers Taake will be celebrating 20 years of madness during 2013 and have planned to release a double album compilation with some new soon to be debuted tracks during march of this year.

As far as I have looked on the net for information the release will not only feature new songs but also rare, unreleased songs and alternative versions of already released songs!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

KHRS Compilation Vol. I (As Kvlt As Hell Records) - 84%

KHRS Compilation Vol. I cover art

I have a 8 track compilation by "As Kvlt As Hell Records" here which features varies artists of various styles and I shall be reviewing it bellow but a little differently to how I normally review.
Seeing as its 8 different bands I shall review each track on a % out of 100 and then I shall add them all up and collect the average. Sooooo here we go!

Arist - Track

Track 1 - Cursed Scrolls - Five Morbid Candles
Cursed Scrolls never disappoint providing this compilation with a Black Metal song that proves that there is no where to go for this band but up.

Track 2 - The Shadow Warrior - Ice Magic (The Coldest Winter)
A dark ambient track with very strong wind and rain effects in the background providing for a dark and droney ambience

Track 3 - Omegathrum Moon - They Ascent, I assault
Ambient / Black metal track which kept me listening and actually pressing replay around two or three times. Not a single dead second in the song it was amazingly good.

Track 4 - Dithyramvos - Unceasingly Ancestral Ground
Blacked Doom track... every instruments blends in for a sort of atmosphere that I just can't put my finger on but what really stood out to me was the vocals. The vocals were sung in just such an interesting way it's actually quite hard to explain all I know is its a hell of a track.

Track 5 - Gravnn - The Trip
Honestly did not like this track to much, it just isn't something I'd normally listen to but its still a pretty decent track. I'm not going to say anything bad about it really the instruments are ok, vocals are cool and the ambience is probably the best part of the song.

Track 6 - My Failure - Mystical Night In The Transylvanian Woods
A pretty good ambient track you could imagine yourself being in a dark mist covered forest with the faint sight of eyes watching you as you try walk to find your way out.

Track 7 - Valtiel - The Silent Town
A cold ambient song which just screams emptiness out to you. I'd say this is very fitting for those abandoned areas each and everyone of us must have seen at some point in our lives.

Track 8 - Nocturnal Degrade - Cold Passion of Decay
Ending it all is a straight to the point Black Metal whos first riffs already give that feeling of sadness and almost spit fire type vocals compliment the song very well, I was hooked! This is honestly and amazing track although a word of advice to the band would be increase the volume of the drums but other than that very well done!

Arckanum is recording a new album!

Arckanum - Photo

Swedish Black Metal solo project Arckanum is on the works of recording a new album sadly not much information is found in the bands official Facebook page but if anything is posted I will let you guys know!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Throne of Malediction to release single!

American Blackened-Doom Metal duo Throne of Malediction are preparing to release a single of their upcoming "Out of Darkness, Comes Light" album. Not information is out yet but we will keep you posted when it's released or any new info comes out!

Din of Awakening - Din of Awakening 90%

Din of Awakening - Din of Awakening

If you like atmospheric black metal then this band if surely for you!
This three track demo provides a dark, slow almost depression vibe that you'd probably hear from early Burzum mixed with various other bands and I have to say it works very well!

You can find the whole demo on youtube so I suggest you look out for this band many more things are to come I hope!

Defiled Majesties / Krayl - Inquitios Necrotis (split) 75%

Inquitios Necrotis cover art

Since this is a split containing two bands I shall review each band on the score of 50% each so its split evenly in the middle.

Part 1 - Defiled Majesties

Track 1 - Embrace The Storm
A simple ambient song to set the mood...
The wind blows softly as the synth slowly comes in to provide a dark airy atmosphere.

Track 2 - Evil Arises
A rough raw black metal track with some very interesting and dare I say it? Original! I do have to admit its a very good track very strong and powerful and I can't wait to hear more of this band thats for sure.


Part 2 - Krayl

Track 1 - The Black Plague of Misanthropy
No nonsense black metal here... goes straight into the point and even though the quality if a little TOO rough for my liking its still pretty decent. It's got some interesting riffs keeps the same pace and beat through for a droney feeling which is quite good.

Track 2 - The Path Made by Blood
I would consider this "Part 2" of the first track as to me it sounds like if it were big song instead of two smaller ones... If the artist behind this band was intending this or not is irrelevant its still a pretty good and is pretty enjoyable to listen to.


Mistet Fjell - Dette kval vil ikke ende 70%

Mistet Fjell - Dette kval vil ikke ende

A Black / Drone / Noise solo project from Mumbia.

Well it seems to be your standard Black / Drone/ Noise band really the tracks keep a constant pace and do not change much obviously giving out that droney vibe you look for a in a drone band. Each track works well together each giving it that "song hasn't ended" vibe and really you can count the whole demo as one big song in my honest opinion... Not bad not bad at all.

National Socialist Black Metal

I'm not here to rant about the genre itself as even thought I do not agree with the genres ideals I've still heard bands from the NSBM region that I quite enjoy and some bands have really thought out their lyrics... which is nice to see because regardless of the song it's better than just having lyrics like this:

Arghhhh Satan! Satan! Satan!!!!!

Anyways i digress... I'm ranting about the stupidity about some National Socialist Black Metal musicians, the main point being their own races. Now I'm not being a racist before you idiots start commenting:

Omgerdddddd a razist

And all that other puke, I'm just saying what the fuck is the point of making / joining a NSBM band if your Black, Jewish, Latino and so on? I mean really whats the mother fucking point?
Did you guys think if Hitler + The Nazis had won the war that you'd be alive? NO, just NO! You'd be stuck in a fucking camp and killed like the rest of them...

That being said... Americans please fuck off from NSBM your not Nazis, your not cool, your just rednecks who probably do not have the education of a six year old. Keep your racist views to yourself or say it in your songs I don't care just don't mix it with Nazism because it just makes you sound more stupid.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fallen Calamity to release debut!

Australian Depressive / Suicidal Black Metal band Fallen Calamity to release its debut album sometime during this year in the mean time search for them on Facebook / Youtube / etc and hear some of the demo tracks.

Dauden (Norway) working on new album!

Dauden - Logo

Norwegian Black Metallers Dauden are currently working on a new album!
Not much information is currently out right now except that it will consist of 9 tracks!

Southern Warfront celebrate 10 years!

Southern Warfront - Logo

Brazilian Black Metal band Southern Warfront (Known as just Warfront in the early years) celebrate 10 years together!
Keep up the good work!

Endlos - Oktober 95%

Oktober cover art

German Doom / Black Metal duo.

I love these types of Black / Doom bands who can actually mix the best elements of both genres into perfection and these guys certainly did. Both tracks on this release are nothing but pure art. All the instruments are played amazingly well together and get blend in with the vocals with out any issue.

The highlight of this release had to be Solo on the second track... Its nothing technical (but who expects that in a Black / Doom band anyways?) but it just hit the spot to add the final piece of the puzzle to this release.

De L'enfer - Quand la nuit dévore tout 70%

De L'enfer - Quand la nuit dévore tout

Black Metal band from India with the same members of Vent' D'Automne.

Track 1 - Summoning The Demon
I do have to be honest this track did not make sense for me it just seemed as everything was looped. It may have some meaning towards it but I just didn't see it maybe one of you guys do if so then post a comment!

Track 2 - The Cursed Forest
Now thats more like it! Some dark, angry guitar work with some deepish black metal vocals which added for a great atmosphere... my only issues were that there was not enough vocals and to be honest the looped drums did not fit to well but I did enjoy the guitaring.

Track 3 - As the Blood Gets Spilled
The atmosphere by the guitars once again is very well done, which provide this dark, droney feeling to the song but once again I find the drums lacking just a bit.

Track 4 - The Dark Sky Erupts
A dark ambient track to finish off the demo not bad very mist covered and sad which added to a great effect.

Side notes:
Drumming needs quite abit of work but thats it really.

Loup Noir preview a new song!

French Black Meral project Loup Noir have released on youtube a new song which will one of the tracks of an upcoming released which has yet to be named...
You can find it right here right now!

Demonic Cremator - Suffer In Hellfire 90%

Demonic Cremator - Logo

Scottish Black Metal duo Demonic Cremator are releasing an album soon called Suffer In Hellfire and they have sent me their soon to be released album for a review. Now I actually have not heard of this band before but from the research I have done on them they seem to be quite a well established new band so here we go...

Track 1 - Slack Jawed (Lights out)
Anddddd we start off no some no bullshit music just straight into the hard stuff.... is it just me or is this music very heavily influenced by Vemon? Like pure old school first wave stuff. I don't know what to call it really but it kept me listening.

Track 2 - Enchained
I bet this song would be fucking amazing live honestly... This could probably be the highlight of the bands album. It just breaths fucking "evil" all over the place.

Track 3 - Suffer In Hellfire
Alot of Thrash Metal elements here now I'm not really into my Thrash (I dislike the Big Four and so on - Metallica / Slayer, etc fans can go fuck themselves) but it does work quite well in here. From what I've heard (Just being on the first three tracks as I review each song after listening to each like three or four times each) this band seems to have quite a diverse way of thinking and that it leaves me impressed.

Track 4 - Devil Inside
Here is where we see the more typical kind of nowadays Black metal vocal that we all know and love and it mixes quite well with this Blackened Thrash style. Devil Inside would also be one of those songs I'd love to hear live its to bad this band is just a duo honestly it really it.

Track 5 - Traitor
As I've been listening to this album I keep asking myself "Why does this band not play live?", the more I progress through this album the more I keep getting sucked in.

Track 6 - Firehole
I will be honest... I didn't like that track to much really but what I don't like doesn't mean any of you readers won't like it also. It's a decent track just thought it was lacking a little bit.

Track 7 - Driven By Courage
Back to the brutality this would be a good song to mosh to really you can just imagine a bunch of drunken idiots beating them senseless while the band would be pounding away at their instruments.

Track 8 - In The Face of God
This song just drives away from the rest of the album probably having the most Black Metal elements in it. Very strong and amazing guitar playing and the atmosphere is just incredible!

Track 9 - Toxic Life
An amazing way to close the album up... just a proper ass black metal spin to things to give it its edge. It just ends everything so professionally and leaves you wanting for more.

Side notes:
Tremendous release. I was left wanting more of this band so hopefully they will keep delivering!

Vent d'Automne - Everything Is Fading Away 85%

Vent d'Automne - Everything Is Fading Away

Well here we are again with another review this time from a Experimental Black Metal band from India so lets get down to business...

Track 1 - Escaping the Crowd
Its a droney track which pretty much starts off with that feeling most of you have felt one time or another which is anxiety. The whole song kind of drones on from there which isn't really a bad thing it keeps your focus on like if your were in big crowds and adds a little panic.

Track 2 - Big City Depression
The intro of this track really had me going honestly it did. It was so filed with emotion I kind of wished it just carried on like that for the rest of the song haha... But I can't really complain the rest of the song works almost around that riff to keep it still in your head and it was a job well done!
As soon as the song hit more or less the two minute mark it changed again back to a clean intro before heading back into its metal form once again.
I am slightly disappointed this song isn't longer to be honest as it could have easily been a 10+ track but oh well its the artists decision isn't it?

Track 3 - I Dream of Flying Away
That chanting kind of thing got me of guard I was not expecting that it was very well done and fit amazingly well with the synth... There was one big issue in this song sadly the mix of the guitars and drums were extremely low other than that from what i could hear its a pretty good song.

Track 4 - Beautiful Urban Panic
A sweet instrumental piece to summarise the whole EP which was done masterfully well all in all this release was quite good and I will be listening to these songs every now and again. Although once again I will say the mixing here was a little off.

Side notes:
This project seems like alot of hard work has been put into it and I applaud the musicians.
All that really needs work is the mixing and mastering but all in all very well done!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cursed Scrolls - Dunkel Hexenkunst - 90%

Cursed Scrolls - Dunkel Hexenkunst

You know I'm going to review this differently to what I'd normally review it as... I will make my points about each track individually rather than as a whole and hey if people like it I may just keep on doing that with all my future reviews so lets see.

Track 1 - Call to the Faceless One
A small intro which really sets the mood for a "grim" album. The kind of tribal drumming pretty much says what the song title says... He is calling something, and by the sounds of it, its something dark and evil.

Track 2 - Black Spell to Enter Into the Realms of Dark Forces
The transition of track 1 to track 2 work quite well the music is quite good and to be honest this song sounds like something OLD Mayhem would have come up with really. Its dark with a few changes and the guitars are very masterfully thought up.

Track 3 - Five Morbid Candles
I will admit I was a little disappointed here... The way the intro was going I thought the rest of the song was going to be this droney / repetitive song but it did change quite fast. I can't say the song is no good though because what disappointment I had was quickly killed of with the vocalists interesting chants near mid song, which I honestly was not expecting.

Track 4 - Meditation in the Hall of Eternal Eclipse
An ambient song and what a hell of a ambient song at that. Once again the music is exactly what the titles says and in this case its meditation music. You can just imagine a shadowy figure sitting in the middle of a forest while a dark aura surrounds him. Honestly shear brilliance.

Track 5 - Morbidity Dwells in the Mud
Sadly I was expecting a slow droney song here also to fit in with the previous track but I digress. The track actually reminds me of something I just can't honestly put my finger on it. Its fast and hard hitting as most Raw Black Metal should be but then its surprises you! Near mid song it takes a small turn to some clean guitar before going back to its Black Metal style. Now most people might think it doesn't fit but I quite liked it, it was like a "take a break" point from going all out really and thats that.

Track 6 - Unholy Black Metal (Darkthrone Cover)
Well I was interested from the spot its a Darkthrone cover come on who wouldn't be into that?
Upon listening to this cover I finally figured out what I was think when I first started hearing this band... It's influenced by Darkthrone, maybe more so than other projects. It was a very good cover honestly it is.

Track 7 - Morbidus Idolatria
Very little vocal here which is not a bad thing really this song called out to be mostly instrumental and rightly it was.

Track 8 - Sacrificial Psychopompos
Well it looks like we are the final track of this album and I have to say this was a very interesting release to listen to.
The final track pretty much ends it all how you would like it... With some fast blasts at first leaving you wanting for more and then slowing down as if it were telling you "I'm Done".
Great release very great release!

Side notes:
All in all this was a very good release theres only a few things I would have changed...
1 - Vocals a little lower in the mixer
2 - Drums a little higher

Thats it really to be honest not much needed to be changed and the musician behind this project is very talented.
Well done to him and I'm sorry you guys for typing fuckloads but well I had to review this properly didn't I?

Annorkoth releases "The Last Days"

Atmospheric Black Metal band Annorkoth have released their new album The Last Days today!
You can find it for sale at Depressive Illusions Records.

Here is a direct quote taken from the bands Facebook page not five minutes ago!

"The Last Days is officially released today! The album was in development the whole year, some songs were written even in the beginning of 2012 and even in December I could make some minor changes, haha. Actually there were much more songs done for this record, but only the best from them made it into the album... The genre of this album is Melancholic Black Metal, as I think personally. Less shoegaze, but more deep and atmospheric. Comparing to the self-titled album, I improved the quality A LOT I think :) And by the way, thanks to Depressive Illusions Records, the CD is out too, in pro-package!

I hope you enjoy this album as well as me :) have a nice listen! Here are the links for free download and buy:

Download: - feel free to share the album anywhere: with your friends, filehostings, youtube - that will be even appreciated!

Buy CD:
Buy CD + Patch:

I hope you enjoy this album as well as me :) have a nice listen! Here are the links for free download and buy:
Download: - feel free to share the album anywhere: with your friends, filehostings, youtube - that will be even appreciated!
Buy CD: CD + Patch:"

Born An Abomination announce new demo!

Born An Abomination has announced a new demo!
"Winter Depression" is a 3 track demo which will hopefully be released very soon as this fresh new bad have yet to disappoint.

Vocalist Tony personally sent me this message relating to the demo:

"Well, the Demo has a conceptual theme just as most of our releases do, it's three songs well technically two because I'm pretty sure the first track of wind blowing wouldn't be considered a song.About the track the first track "Cold Winter Wind" the intro to the demo it should give you a chill feel of the cold lonesome winter depression that is the embodiement of the demoThe second track "Melankoliska vinter" is a atmospheric Post - black metal soundingish track that's very atmospheric and has a melancholy feeling to it that'll defiantly set the mood for pure cold, sad and ambient emotions to fill you up and take you on a ride, the third track "Winter Depression" is the Defining song on the Winter Depression Demo" it's a cold melancholic sounding song basically based on the struggles in emotions during this cold festive time of the year, the idea in the song is the sad aspects and hurtful idea of this harsh time of the year the fact this time of the year has more suicide rates the fact even though around this "Merry Time" of joyous family gatherings and jinglebell cheer, this is one of the saddest most lonesome and depressing time of the year and the most empty and contemplative. And that's what this demo is all about we'll be releasing it on Rigorism Production so whoever reads this and is interested can pick up from Rigorism productions website, But that's basically the whole entire idea of the demo Cold, Sad, Hateful and depressing winter. "
As soon as more information is available I will be sure to post on this blog ASAP.

Our E-mail

We do have a temp e-mail address if you would like to contact us at,

Your best chance would be messaging the facebook though,

Svartblod (Artist) Interview


Svartblod is a musician from India who is quickly gaining recognition in the Black Metal world as the man of many projects. He is in a big number of projects mainly as vocalist or guitarist. Below we have interviewed him to get more info out of him and his music.

BMM: Could you introduce yourself?

Svartblod:  I'm Souvik Das (Svartblod), I live in a city called Kalyan which is part of Mumbai's suburbs. I'm a musician and vocalist in several bands, mostly black metal and I am also a artist and photographer.

BMM: Ok, as long as I've known you, you have seem to have taken part in quite a few bands tell me what draws you to make so many?

Svartblod: Well I love genres and sub-genres and thats why I don't want to be trapped in a single genre. All of my projects are of different genres.

BMM: It must be hard to keep so inspired though?

Svartblod: Yeah well it is actually.

BMM: Well nobody said making music would be easy didn't they? Anyways tell who ever the fuck who actually reads this blog about your on going Black Metal projects I'm sure people on here would rather hear about that rather than us just mindlessly talking about other stuff.

Svartblod: Your probably right haha.... And I hope people will like my music.

BMM: Well give us some info then. What Black metal bands are you currently in and what do you do in them?

Svartblod:  I'm in Vent D'automne, De L'enfer, Krayl, Mistet Fjell, The End, Spirit in Eternal Pain, Lobotomical Abstract Torture, Cassiopeia and Valtiel.
I just do vocals and guitars in Vent D'automne and De L'enfer, and do everything else in the rest of the bands.

BMM: Well that must keep you busy... I'm guessing none of the projects are live bands?

Svartblod: No, none of them are live bands. First of all the projects are one man bands except Vent D'automne and De L'enfer which are two man bands, my friend Lysetdod does guitars and secondly I don't want to play live with session members because here in my country people don't understand black metal, they mostly care about "core" genres.The crowd here think black metal is the music of freaks. Very, very few people care about black metal here and this is really sad. Black metal is a very complex and amazing genre and it needs to be supported a lot, only then something new can evolve or a new sub-genre can be born... There are so many possibilities right?

BMM: Indeed thought I am getting tired of going on youtube and seeing more videos being posted of new subgenres... Space black metal, Blackened rock, etc it's just to much for me haha.
Well we don't seem to have much time left sadly you know people to stab, churches to burn and all that shit... So why don't you tell our readers if you have anything new coming up? Releases? Music Videos? Etc?

Svartblod: Ok well, Lobotomical Abstract Torture's second demo will be released in a few days on "Tridriod Records" on tape, its already up for pre-order now, and The End's debut EP will be released soon on Rotten Crowz Productions as well as a split with Days of Our Lives (It's a depressive black metal band from Gibraltar) will be released this month on Parkbench records.
Krayl's split with Defiled Magesties on Tridriod too.
Some splits of various bands will be released soon, I am searching for various labels to release them.
Currently I am also working on another project called Lambent Glow... Me and my bandmate Sonam just started working on this.

BMM: Well that is keeping busy haha! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before we finish?

Svartblod: Well, just do what you want... Don't do things according to other peoples wishes. do whatever you want and forget everything else.
And thanks alot for this interview.

BMM: Thank you and goodbye.