Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nocturnal Poisoning are preparing to release second album!

(I know this was only a temp logo from the band but oh well it will do)

Now your probably saying:
"Oh Black Metal Madness why post about an acoustic project? It has nothing to do with Black Metal"


This project is run by none other than Scott Conner the man behind Xasthur and even thought this is an acoustic project ad he has stated multiple times he will not return to Black Metal, I still think the man behind Xasthur and who helped flesh out Depressive and Ambient Black Metal so well deserves some sort of promotion right?

Below is a direct quote from New Years day:

Happy New Year to all of you...brace yourselves for 2013.Hope to have a second NP cd out by middle of the year. I'll get into some thoughts and details on that a little later.
Although this is an acoustic project Scott (A.k.a Malefic) has done alot for the Black Metal world and deserves our respect.

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