Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cursed Scrolls - Dunkel Hexenkunst - 90%

Cursed Scrolls - Dunkel Hexenkunst

You know I'm going to review this differently to what I'd normally review it as... I will make my points about each track individually rather than as a whole and hey if people like it I may just keep on doing that with all my future reviews so lets see.

Track 1 - Call to the Faceless One
A small intro which really sets the mood for a "grim" album. The kind of tribal drumming pretty much says what the song title says... He is calling something, and by the sounds of it, its something dark and evil.

Track 2 - Black Spell to Enter Into the Realms of Dark Forces
The transition of track 1 to track 2 work quite well the music is quite good and to be honest this song sounds like something OLD Mayhem would have come up with really. Its dark with a few changes and the guitars are very masterfully thought up.

Track 3 - Five Morbid Candles
I will admit I was a little disappointed here... The way the intro was going I thought the rest of the song was going to be this droney / repetitive song but it did change quite fast. I can't say the song is no good though because what disappointment I had was quickly killed of with the vocalists interesting chants near mid song, which I honestly was not expecting.

Track 4 - Meditation in the Hall of Eternal Eclipse
An ambient song and what a hell of a ambient song at that. Once again the music is exactly what the titles says and in this case its meditation music. You can just imagine a shadowy figure sitting in the middle of a forest while a dark aura surrounds him. Honestly shear brilliance.

Track 5 - Morbidity Dwells in the Mud
Sadly I was expecting a slow droney song here also to fit in with the previous track but I digress. The track actually reminds me of something I just can't honestly put my finger on it. Its fast and hard hitting as most Raw Black Metal should be but then its surprises you! Near mid song it takes a small turn to some clean guitar before going back to its Black Metal style. Now most people might think it doesn't fit but I quite liked it, it was like a "take a break" point from going all out really and thats that.

Track 6 - Unholy Black Metal (Darkthrone Cover)
Well I was interested from the spot its a Darkthrone cover come on who wouldn't be into that?
Upon listening to this cover I finally figured out what I was think when I first started hearing this band... It's influenced by Darkthrone, maybe more so than other projects. It was a very good cover honestly it is.

Track 7 - Morbidus Idolatria
Very little vocal here which is not a bad thing really this song called out to be mostly instrumental and rightly it was.

Track 8 - Sacrificial Psychopompos
Well it looks like we are the final track of this album and I have to say this was a very interesting release to listen to.
The final track pretty much ends it all how you would like it... With some fast blasts at first leaving you wanting for more and then slowing down as if it were telling you "I'm Done".
Great release very great release!

Side notes:
All in all this was a very good release theres only a few things I would have changed...
1 - Vocals a little lower in the mixer
2 - Drums a little higher

Thats it really to be honest not much needed to be changed and the musician behind this project is very talented.
Well done to him and I'm sorry you guys for typing fuckloads but well I had to review this properly didn't I?

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