Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thought MMXI - 75%

Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thoughts MMXI

This release is a re-master and re-releases of their debut 2004 release (Which was just called "Suicidal Thoughts"). So between 2004 when it was first released and 2011 wehn it was re-mastered Nocturnal Depression have been few quite alot. They have released such ground breaking songs like Nostalgia, which has gained the band quite abit of fame online.
So lets get down to it then?

I've also noticed that most of the songs save for the last one which is longer are a little shorter than the originals. Well its the bands songs so i can't really complain can't I? They have their own musical right and if they felt the songs needed to be changed then ok then.

Track 1 - A Ghostly Face into the Night
A slow droney instrumental song plays while the sound of wind and thunder drone on in the background... Really its nothing to special but its something.

Track 2 - When Darkness Cover My Soul
This keeps to the typical sound you love from this band. The riffs are very minimalistic as usual but provide a very good sad atmosphere. Really you can't expect any less of Nocturnal Depression.

Track 3 - As Some Blades Penetrating My Flesh
Its very enjoyable to hear how a depressive black metal band can use a clean guitar so well considering how many who try to mix the clean guitar with the rest of the metal songs just fail so horribly, But as Nocturnal Depression have proven time and time again... They have mastered it.

Track 4 - ...and the Forest Answer to My Call
Another instrumental song to close off the release... Now it's not my favourite as I find it  little boring but hey I am just one reviewer.

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