Friday, 4 January 2013

Defiled Majesties / Krayl - Inquitios Necrotis (split) 75%

Inquitios Necrotis cover art

Since this is a split containing two bands I shall review each band on the score of 50% each so its split evenly in the middle.

Part 1 - Defiled Majesties

Track 1 - Embrace The Storm
A simple ambient song to set the mood...
The wind blows softly as the synth slowly comes in to provide a dark airy atmosphere.

Track 2 - Evil Arises
A rough raw black metal track with some very interesting and dare I say it? Original! I do have to admit its a very good track very strong and powerful and I can't wait to hear more of this band thats for sure.


Part 2 - Krayl

Track 1 - The Black Plague of Misanthropy
No nonsense black metal here... goes straight into the point and even though the quality if a little TOO rough for my liking its still pretty decent. It's got some interesting riffs keeps the same pace and beat through for a droney feeling which is quite good.

Track 2 - The Path Made by Blood
I would consider this "Part 2" of the first track as to me it sounds like if it were big song instead of two smaller ones... If the artist behind this band was intending this or not is irrelevant its still a pretty good and is pretty enjoyable to listen to.


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