Wednesday, 2 January 2013

SELLOUT! - The Cry of the Black Metal idiot

Ahhh how the lonely Black Metaller comments on youtube to videos of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Burzum, Mayhem and so on... It makes me wonder if those people commenting are just butthurt that their demo of poorly recorded sounds of a cat vomiting into a bucket didn’t sell more than 10 copies... All of which their mothers bought by the way.

I’m not saying some of these didn’t bands changed their sounds to sell more but I’ve seen it happen too often with bands. Bands who’s members will cry “sellout” about other bands but the moment they do exactly what the others did and ahem “soldout” they will defend their actions to the death with excuses like “we havn’t changed we are still the same musicians and same people and we will continue to grow whether people like it or not”.

Pricks... thats what I call them. These are the type of people that complain when a Black Metal band gets some notice and is finally able to earn money, like if they are enemies or something when obviously nobody cares about your stupid comments, why even bother?
I suppose these idiots also think they are the next Varg, Dead, Pest, Infernus and so on.
If Black Metal isn’t allowed to grow it’s going to die out,

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