Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mayhem recording new album?!

It would seem Norwegian Black Metallers MAYHEM are record a new album!

This picture is taken from their official Facebook page with a caption reading:

Trophy Grill Budapest. After a great day in the studio, dining and relaxing before session # 2 :)
Well the picture only shows them at dinner or something, but it does show Attila rocking a Hitler stache...

This album may cause some mixed feelings within the black metal world, seeing as... well... We've all been on Mayhem videos on youtube at one time or another...

Long-time fans attack the new ones, Dead fans boys say the band ending when he did, same for Euronymous fans say it ended with him and so on and so on.

Marking this its first release since its re-mastered version of songs in "Life Eternal - 2009) and a few good years since some original material (Ordo ad Chao - 2007) was released, it may be just about time some new stuff will be released.

Sadly no other information is out yet (As far as I see), but as soon as I have more I shall keep you guys updated!

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