Thursday, 3 January 2013

Demonic Cremator - Suffer In Hellfire 90%

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Scottish Black Metal duo Demonic Cremator are releasing an album soon called Suffer In Hellfire and they have sent me their soon to be released album for a review. Now I actually have not heard of this band before but from the research I have done on them they seem to be quite a well established new band so here we go...

Track 1 - Slack Jawed (Lights out)
Anddddd we start off no some no bullshit music just straight into the hard stuff.... is it just me or is this music very heavily influenced by Vemon? Like pure old school first wave stuff. I don't know what to call it really but it kept me listening.

Track 2 - Enchained
I bet this song would be fucking amazing live honestly... This could probably be the highlight of the bands album. It just breaths fucking "evil" all over the place.

Track 3 - Suffer In Hellfire
Alot of Thrash Metal elements here now I'm not really into my Thrash (I dislike the Big Four and so on - Metallica / Slayer, etc fans can go fuck themselves) but it does work quite well in here. From what I've heard (Just being on the first three tracks as I review each song after listening to each like three or four times each) this band seems to have quite a diverse way of thinking and that it leaves me impressed.

Track 4 - Devil Inside
Here is where we see the more typical kind of nowadays Black metal vocal that we all know and love and it mixes quite well with this Blackened Thrash style. Devil Inside would also be one of those songs I'd love to hear live its to bad this band is just a duo honestly it really it.

Track 5 - Traitor
As I've been listening to this album I keep asking myself "Why does this band not play live?", the more I progress through this album the more I keep getting sucked in.

Track 6 - Firehole
I will be honest... I didn't like that track to much really but what I don't like doesn't mean any of you readers won't like it also. It's a decent track just thought it was lacking a little bit.

Track 7 - Driven By Courage
Back to the brutality this would be a good song to mosh to really you can just imagine a bunch of drunken idiots beating them senseless while the band would be pounding away at their instruments.

Track 8 - In The Face of God
This song just drives away from the rest of the album probably having the most Black Metal elements in it. Very strong and amazing guitar playing and the atmosphere is just incredible!

Track 9 - Toxic Life
An amazing way to close the album up... just a proper ass black metal spin to things to give it its edge. It just ends everything so professionally and leaves you wanting for more.

Side notes:
Tremendous release. I was left wanting more of this band so hopefully they will keep delivering!

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