Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Black Metal Ist – Full of Idiots...

As a diehard Black Metal since I was a preteen I often enjoy talking to other Black Metallers, but as the years went on I found myself being less able to tolerate such closed minded, brainless idiots who call themselves “true”.
The Black Metal community often claims it is at war with other people, I’ve learnt that they are at war, but not with others but with themselves.
It would seem the “Black Metallers” of today think that their own personal view of the genre in the law within it. Too often have I seen comments on DSBM (Depressive / Suicidal Black Metal) videos on youtube with such stupidity as “Black Metal = War... Not sorrow” and other loads of crap.
Are you fucking kidding me? What about Dead? He used to write sad lyrics... Varg still does...
Black Metal was created to express feeling... Dark feelings... Sadness, depression etc they all fall under the creation of Black Metal and if you assholes are such big “fans” then you would know that wouldn’t you?

Black Metal has alot of subgenres and they should be respected within the scene, but due to the lack of braincells from most of the community the genre will slowly die and its ashes shall fade away in the wind.
To quote a fellow Black Metaller who is an idiot for the lies he has spread and so on but still loves the genre and he aims to prove it to the world:

“I still know what Black Metal is all about”

Do you?

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