Saturday, 5 January 2013

KHRS Compilation Vol. I (As Kvlt As Hell Records) - 84%

KHRS Compilation Vol. I cover art

I have a 8 track compilation by "As Kvlt As Hell Records" here which features varies artists of various styles and I shall be reviewing it bellow but a little differently to how I normally review.
Seeing as its 8 different bands I shall review each track on a % out of 100 and then I shall add them all up and collect the average. Sooooo here we go!

Arist - Track

Track 1 - Cursed Scrolls - Five Morbid Candles
Cursed Scrolls never disappoint providing this compilation with a Black Metal song that proves that there is no where to go for this band but up.

Track 2 - The Shadow Warrior - Ice Magic (The Coldest Winter)
A dark ambient track with very strong wind and rain effects in the background providing for a dark and droney ambience

Track 3 - Omegathrum Moon - They Ascent, I assault
Ambient / Black metal track which kept me listening and actually pressing replay around two or three times. Not a single dead second in the song it was amazingly good.

Track 4 - Dithyramvos - Unceasingly Ancestral Ground
Blacked Doom track... every instruments blends in for a sort of atmosphere that I just can't put my finger on but what really stood out to me was the vocals. The vocals were sung in just such an interesting way it's actually quite hard to explain all I know is its a hell of a track.

Track 5 - Gravnn - The Trip
Honestly did not like this track to much, it just isn't something I'd normally listen to but its still a pretty decent track. I'm not going to say anything bad about it really the instruments are ok, vocals are cool and the ambience is probably the best part of the song.

Track 6 - My Failure - Mystical Night In The Transylvanian Woods
A pretty good ambient track you could imagine yourself being in a dark mist covered forest with the faint sight of eyes watching you as you try walk to find your way out.

Track 7 - Valtiel - The Silent Town
A cold ambient song which just screams emptiness out to you. I'd say this is very fitting for those abandoned areas each and everyone of us must have seen at some point in our lives.

Track 8 - Nocturnal Degrade - Cold Passion of Decay
Ending it all is a straight to the point Black Metal whos first riffs already give that feeling of sadness and almost spit fire type vocals compliment the song very well, I was hooked! This is honestly and amazing track although a word of advice to the band would be increase the volume of the drums but other than that very well done!

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