Friday, 18 January 2013

Lobotomical Abstract Torture - End of the Excruciating Misery - 80%

End of the Excruciating Misery cover art

Now noise black metal isn't really something I'm really into, or really I have not actually gone into that genre that much so I was caught of guard when I actually enjoyed listening to a "noise" release.

What I get from a release like this is that its almost like a Depressive Black Metal release in a way. The synths give out a dark, depressing atmosphere and act like a main instrument throughout the whole four track demo, while the other instruments are lower in the mix (probably to give the synths a stronger presence).

If mixed correctly this four track demo could have been a nice 12 min or so song for an album so its clear this artist works to make his music flow from song to song.

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