Thursday, 3 January 2013

De L'enfer - Quand la nuit dévore tout 70%

De L'enfer - Quand la nuit dévore tout

Black Metal band from India with the same members of Vent' D'Automne.

Track 1 - Summoning The Demon
I do have to be honest this track did not make sense for me it just seemed as everything was looped. It may have some meaning towards it but I just didn't see it maybe one of you guys do if so then post a comment!

Track 2 - The Cursed Forest
Now thats more like it! Some dark, angry guitar work with some deepish black metal vocals which added for a great atmosphere... my only issues were that there was not enough vocals and to be honest the looped drums did not fit to well but I did enjoy the guitaring.

Track 3 - As the Blood Gets Spilled
The atmosphere by the guitars once again is very well done, which provide this dark, droney feeling to the song but once again I find the drums lacking just a bit.

Track 4 - The Dark Sky Erupts
A dark ambient track to finish off the demo not bad very mist covered and sad which added to a great effect.

Side notes:
Drumming needs quite abit of work but thats it really.

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