Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dry - Beneath the Stars - 90%

Dramatic synths start this song off which make its sound like something out of the Star Wars soundtrack. Not long into the intro the metal part bursts in. The track is very tight and very impressive! With an influence firmly placed on the second wave this band shows that Black Metal still has some gems hidden around the world. Due to this release being a single I can't really say much expect that I can't wait to hear more!

Silence The Earth - As Thy Winter Ends - 90%

Orchestral Black Metal? Yup!
Where this band lacks in Metal music it more than makes up for with its interesting Classical songs. This may be an acquired taste for most Black Metal fans but I fucking love it. It surely isn't you usual release. This band has made such an interesting release and though i wish it had a few more tracks to it this six track album will not disappoint!

Godocide - Die letzten Tage Asgards - 85%

If you looking for both Black Metal and Ambient songs this is the release to go. German solo project Godocide belt out its second release in the form of a EP. Starting out with its first track which is a long ambient track which gives you the feeling as if you were standing on top of a hill just watching the world go by, to the just the raw feel of the metal tracks which show off a type of aggression usual seen on the older early Black Metal bands.

Interesting points:
Track 2 - Really has a Burzum feel to it. You really need to check out this track.

Track 3 - The songs soft piano intro makes it seem that this song is quite calm but when the metal kicks in its like a whole different world as has appeared.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Orodreth (Artist) Interview

Black Metal Madness recently caught up with Bergelmir mastermind Orodreth to ask him about his projects, life and general music shit.

BMM: Could you introduce yourself?

Orodreth: I am Orodreth, founder and solo artist in DSBM project bergelmir.

BMM: Bergelmir seems to work within the boundaries of various sub-genres within Black Metal, could you explain why?

Orodreth: My style is always changing depending on my moods, atmosphere is very important to me and mixing those sounds together make for good atmosphere. Also my goal is to target as many people as possible, and to influence as many people as possible. Other times it just comes out like that depending on what style of black metal I have been listening to and been most influenced by recently. But of course my style and main influence is taken from Depressive Suicidal Black Metal.

BMM: So you intend for your project to be one without limits musically?

Orodreth: Most of those who limit themselves lack the ability to grow to their full potential.

BMM: A black metal band that wishes to grow that is refreshing haha. So is Bergelmir your only project? If not then what are the others?

Orodreth: The other projects I am involved with are many, but going slow. One is simply titled Orodreth, and it is ritualistic music mixed with the sounds of black metal vocals and Satanic folk chanting so to speak. I am working with a good friend from Sweden doing vocals for his project "Meningsl√∂st".
I plan on doing vocals for a couple of other artists aswell, it has been discussed with them but I do not want to talk about it just yet.

BMM: Fair enough, lets talk about your main project then Bergelmir. Are there any upcoming releases or anything being planned?

Orodreth: I am putting together my first song of my upcoming EP called "Tested by Isolation", it will be releases early on the No remorse Records (Gibraltar) compilation CD Vol 2.
I will probably release one more song from it for promotional reasons for the actual release of the full EP. As for a time frame for when the full EP will be finished there is no date, but I would say within the next four months.

BMM: Should we expect any surprises from this upcoming release?

Orodreth: I will be recording with different equipment hopefully. Still going to be raw, but just recorded with an amp that isn't completely busted like the one I am using now. Just incase anyone was wondering , I record with a five dollar karaoke microphone plugged directly into my computer and taped infront of a 10 watt practice amp that all the knobs don't work and the distortion is broken on it. I also record vocals on that same mic. So if everything goes as planned I will have a new mic and a basic recording interface and amp by the time I start really putting together the EP.

BMM: Right then before we go what are your views on the current state of the Black Metal scene?

Orodreth: It pisses me off on a daily basis. Its disgusting, and I hate it, so many people in it for the wrong reason just like with any music scene, people have these distorted ideas of what black metal is and judge music by recording quality. I will listen to black metal played on an acoustic guitar and recorded on a phone. Overall these musicians and labels are fucking selfish and I hate everyone, this is why i try to encourage self-destruction and despair with my music.

BMM: Any last words for our fans and readers?

Orodreth: Jesus said this, Moses said that, Abraham hit me with a wiffle ball bat.

Bergelmir - Self titled demo - 87%

-To my knowledge this is the first release by this one man US DSBM project.-

This 3 track demo fits the bill on what people may call "cult". Its raw, distorted and the quality is not the best. This doesn't mean any of those qualities are bad, it fits the scene that this band comes from. Who really wants to hear an over-produced Black Metal band anyways? There would be no actual heart in it at all.

The great thing about this release is that all 3 songs are quite different in terms of style within the Black metal genre.

Track 1 - We start off with "Niflheim" which sets the mood on with some sad keyboards and keeps to the style referred to as Ambient Black Metal. The song itself has quite a few changes and is probably one of the only Black Metal songs with the most stylistic changes. Landing inbetween the lines of Raw, Ambient, DSBM while still keeping the overall feel of the song.

Track 2 - "Infernal Solitude" We welcome the cold clean guitars into this picture! This track proves that Black Metal doesn't need to be 100% distorted guitars all the time. A cold atmosphere is provided throughout the whole song with some pretty interesting melodies that pair nicely with the drums and distant vocals.

Track 3 - "Isolation" Another track with quite a few changes which is a nice change to normal DSBM bands who play a whole riff over and over and over and over (See what I did there?) Pretty good song overall except for the low volume but nevertheless brilliant.

My thoughts:
My only issue with the demo at all is the third track due to its low volume.
Can't wait to hear more from this band!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kall (Ex-Lifelover) post a new song from upcoming release

A while has happened since the tragic death of B. and the disbanding of Lifelover, but those die hard fans kept strong hoping the band would reform. The news as you already know is that the Ex members formed a new band named "Kall" and finally after much waiting we can now hear a track from their upcoming release.

Not going to bore you with details just going to say it kicks fucking ass here it will be linked below: