Monday, 8 July 2013

Bergelmir - Self titled demo - 87%

-To my knowledge this is the first release by this one man US DSBM project.-

This 3 track demo fits the bill on what people may call "cult". Its raw, distorted and the quality is not the best. This doesn't mean any of those qualities are bad, it fits the scene that this band comes from. Who really wants to hear an over-produced Black Metal band anyways? There would be no actual heart in it at all.

The great thing about this release is that all 3 songs are quite different in terms of style within the Black metal genre.

Track 1 - We start off with "Niflheim" which sets the mood on with some sad keyboards and keeps to the style referred to as Ambient Black Metal. The song itself has quite a few changes and is probably one of the only Black Metal songs with the most stylistic changes. Landing inbetween the lines of Raw, Ambient, DSBM while still keeping the overall feel of the song.

Track 2 - "Infernal Solitude" We welcome the cold clean guitars into this picture! This track proves that Black Metal doesn't need to be 100% distorted guitars all the time. A cold atmosphere is provided throughout the whole song with some pretty interesting melodies that pair nicely with the drums and distant vocals.

Track 3 - "Isolation" Another track with quite a few changes which is a nice change to normal DSBM bands who play a whole riff over and over and over and over (See what I did there?) Pretty good song overall except for the low volume but nevertheless brilliant.

My thoughts:
My only issue with the demo at all is the third track due to its low volume.
Can't wait to hear more from this band!

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