Friday, 4 January 2013

National Socialist Black Metal

I'm not here to rant about the genre itself as even thought I do not agree with the genres ideals I've still heard bands from the NSBM region that I quite enjoy and some bands have really thought out their lyrics... which is nice to see because regardless of the song it's better than just having lyrics like this:

Arghhhh Satan! Satan! Satan!!!!!

Anyways i digress... I'm ranting about the stupidity about some National Socialist Black Metal musicians, the main point being their own races. Now I'm not being a racist before you idiots start commenting:

Omgerdddddd a razist

And all that other puke, I'm just saying what the fuck is the point of making / joining a NSBM band if your Black, Jewish, Latino and so on? I mean really whats the mother fucking point?
Did you guys think if Hitler + The Nazis had won the war that you'd be alive? NO, just NO! You'd be stuck in a fucking camp and killed like the rest of them...

That being said... Americans please fuck off from NSBM your not Nazis, your not cool, your just rednecks who probably do not have the education of a six year old. Keep your racist views to yourself or say it in your songs I don't care just don't mix it with Nazism because it just makes you sound more stupid.

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