Friday, 26 April 2013

Rob Zombie insults Black Metal? Or is he just that useless?

I honestly don't know what to say... Rob Zombie and some "John 5" bloke worked on a BM song for some stupid film he did or something like that. Can someone tell this fucktard that he should keep to making shitty music and retarded pointless films?

Go fuck off somewhere else mate and take your instrumentalists with you!

*A note to all you retards*

I am not being a "elitist"... I am a Black Metal fan and its retards like this who NOTHING about this amazing genre which gives people like us bad names!

Mr Zombie if you wish to do some Black Metal learn about the genre first!

P.S - Your vocals suck

P.P.S Be this a joke or not, why not work on that festering pile of shit you normally do (oh I mean your music or anything else you touch)

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